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Marrianfarms is the best organic farm and outlet which serves only biologically pure farm products which are grown or produced with organic fertilisers and natural organic farming practices. it is actually the complete jaiva kalavara center located in district Palakkad, Kerala. The eco farm is a vast area located in Kozhinjampara of Palakkad. The farm provides organically grown fruits, milk, fish, poultry and various other unique variety produces.

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Not only at wholesale level, marrianfarms supplies its supreme quality farm products at the retail level too.

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It is the the health factor that brings people to organic farm products despite its high prices. In today’s world most of the food products we eat are filled with additives to serve better taste and appearance.
They may seem good in their appearance and also persuades our taste buds, but behind the scenes the price you have to pay is your health.

The raw food varieties that made with no carcinogenic pesticides are of high demand in the market. It is safe to buy from small-scale homestead farms or organic certified large scale farms.
Marrianfarms is a trusted name among organic farms in Kerala and has got regular customers who knows the products they buy are made with bio-fertilizers and quality seeds.

Most of the vegetables consumed in Kerala comes from across the border, especially from Tamil Nadu. which is also sometimes found loaded with high pesticide content.

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